How Face Attendance in Pakistan Improving Security- Benefits

PeopleQlik # 1 Face Attendance Software in Pakistan Is your business getting affected by the traditional way of taking attendance? This is the reason why numerous organizations are switching to a face attendance system in Pakistan. Because it is an authentic and secure way of marking attendance. All these and more overwhelming features make this face attendance system a renowned one in Pakistan. 

Peopleqlik #1Face Attendance software in Pakistan’

How Face Attendance in Pakistan Improving Security- Benefits

How Face Attendance in Pakistan Improving Security- Benefits

Benefits of Face Attendance in Pakistan

Here are some of the intriguing benefits of face attendance in Pakistan. We ensure that you will love using it and feel your company is a secure place. 

1. Real-time tracking of Attendance

It tracks your attendance on time efficiently. It is a nano second-period process that works super quickly.   

2. Accurate Face Recognition

It delivers accurate data with minor human involvements that help in reducing discrepancies like buddy punching etc. 

3. Integrated with the System

This face attendance software in Pakistan can be conveniently attached with other HR components like payroll, leaves, and deduction. It promptly responds and helps in processing various facial IDs in an organized and detailed manner along with the database.

4. Upgraded Protection & Security 

Authenticity and increased safety are one of the major causes and advantages of face attendance. When it is installed around the company promises it helps in identifying the authorized staff and provides them access to the registered personnel only. 

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5. On-time Reporting

With such a comprehensive system, the office management can track the time-in and time-out of the employees and calculate their working hours and accordingly their wages. It also shows the absent list so that authorities can take necessary action and get every employee back at work. 

6. Always Detect Alive Persons

The face attendance system in Pakistan can differentiate between a real person and a photograph. This is the major feature that protects from privacy breaches and makes sure that any unauthorized person cannot enter your office. It works on 2D and 3D image sensors so that it can work precisely and differentiate between a live person and a photograph. 

7. Offline Attendance Tracking

Most of the attendance software requires internet connectivity all the time. But face attendance in Pakistan also works offline and provides particular information to the authorized officers in the company. 

8. Effective Control

It has access control that makes sure that only genuine and authorized people can enter the office. Majorly it is a contactless mode of authentication that makes it even more attractive. This is the safest method as it would be dangerous if your employees are carrying ID badges and trying to do some actions with them. 

Face attendance can provide control of access on the basis of the following conditions

  • Only selected people can have access to the software. 
  • There would be a selected time duration for access. 
  • Workers who are working in a selected or same geographical area or location.

9. Easy-to-use

Face attendance in Pakistan is packed with various overwhelming and boosting features but the thing that makes it even more attractive is it’s a user-friendly platform. And luckily, face attendance or recognition is the easiest to use. You have to do nothing but stand in front of the screen and let it do its work by matching your face, shape, and features from the faces it has in its database. If it gets matching results you will be entered otherwise it will show an error. 

10. Support Multiple Platforms

The face attendance system supports various devices. Such that if someone is working from home then he can use his device such as laptop, tablet, smartphone, or attendance tracking device. Make sure that your device is supporting the system. Moreover, it also supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS to make sure that it is compatible with all types of devices. 

Why PeopleQlik?

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