A Complete Guide to Biometric Time & Attendance Software in Pakistan

PeopleQlik #1 Attendance Software in Pakistan Employee attendance must be tracked by companies. It’s nearly hard to retain proper payroll records, compute benefits, or comply with labor standards without this information. Yet, for both employees and administrators, keeping track of attendance is typically a time-consuming chore. As a result, a growing number of businesses are using biometric attendance systems to check employee attendance and calculate payment.

Automated attendance software in Pakistan allows you to track staff attendance with pinpoint accuracy and eliminate the burden of payday calculations. But what is a biometric time clock, exactly? Continue reading to learn more about biometric systems and how businesses use them to track employee time and attendance.

Peopleqlik #1 Attendance Software in Pakistan’

A Complete Guide to Biometric Time & Attendance Software in Pakistan

A Complete Guide to Biometric Time & Attendance Software in Pakistan

What is Automated Information, and how does it work?

Data or measures based on an individual’s physical or behavioral attributes are referred to as automated information. There are a plethora of qualities that can be measured, however, automated data is most commonly employed for authentication.

This is because each person has a collection of automated traits that are unique to them. Faces, fingerprints, and voice tones are all one-of-a-kind and intrinsically linked to the individual. As a result, these qualities are a very safe way to authenticate a person’s identification.

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How Does an Automated Attendance System Work in Pakistan?

Now that we’ve gone over what biometric data is, let’s look at how attendance systems function.

Biometric data, such as fingerprints, has long been used as a means of determining a person’s unique identity. Digital technology, on the other hand, has given rise to new and more sophisticated techniques to verify persons using biometric technologies.

From the standpoint of a function every system has:

  • A physical input device that is present on-site. The device, which is usually a scanner or a camera, can capture the biometric data that needs to be verified.
  • A software system that can translate the biometric data supplied from the input device and compare it to the required record. Image processing algorithms are capable of doing this in a very speedy and reliable manner.
  • Validation is carried out using a database of biometric data. Before a biometric system can work, a database must be created. Each person’s biometric data must be recorded first, then uploaded and tied to a database record.

Benefits of a Biometric Attendance Software in Pakistan 

Now that we’ve reviewed the fundamentals of attendance software in Pakistan and how they work, let’s look at the advantages of biometric attendance systems.

1. Stop buddy punching and time theft.

Attendance systems that rely on ID cards or pin codes can be vulnerable to impersonation. Colleagues can use these technologies to clock in on their behalf or even influence the exact number of hours worked during a shift. In this aspect, biometric solutions are far more secure because the employee must physically check-in and out for the time to be authorized.

2. Eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Another disadvantage of traditional attendance tracking methods is the time it takes HR and payroll personnel to process all of the time stamp records and reconcile them with employee records to guarantee that the correct pay and benefits are provided.

3. Authorize Employees Easily Across Multiple Locations

It’s considerably more difficult to keep track of attendance when a company has many locations around the country or places that are constantly changing, such as building sites. With biometric data on hand, however, you can quickly track personnel across several sites and provide local security professionals with a reliable way to authenticate newcomers.

4. Make Shift Handovers Easier

Footfall commonly peaks and dips throughout shift work as groups of employees start and complete work. This, however, is a problem that can be solved.

Employee data may be processed in a matter of seconds using biometric technologies, which helps to speed up the process and avoid long lines. Our fingerprint sensors, in fact, can process personnel in less than a second.

5. Your records are guaranteed to be accurate.

By eliminating fraud, the possibility of human mistakes, and data silos, attendance software in Pakistan helps you ensure the correctness of your records. Furthermore, because attendance records are communicated in real-time across the firm, every department has access to accurate information.

6. Improve worker health and safety by protecting them against COVID-19.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is extremely contagious. As a result, employers are seeking measures to minimize the risk of the virus spreading among on-site personnel. Changing to a touchless attendance system is a great method to get rid of one infection hotspot in the office.

Is it possible for employees to tamper with Automated Attendance Software in Pakistan?

No. The employee must be physically present for the system to authenticate a timestamp for the day. Consider the case of an employee who wishes to depart an hour early. A colleague may technically clock out on their behalf at the end of the day using pin codes or signatures. attendance systems in Pakistan also prevent the risk of data manipulation or entry errors, whether by the employee or by payroll personnel. Only the hours authenticated by the biometric attendance system will be transmitted through to payroll for processing because the system is totally automated.

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